DExWin® Pultrusion

The DExWin® process enables the continuous production of tapes and profiles directly from raw materials, i. e. from the raw material to the profile in one step. The brand name DExWin® represents the core process - Direct Extrusion.

In addition to their high strength, the tapes and profiles are characterized by their high impact strength and elongation at break as well as good damping and weldability. DExWin® tapes and profiles can be easily recycled by remelting. This is a decisive advantage especially in times when a high degree of sustainability is required.


DExWin® direct extrusion process is based on thermoplastic melt impregnation. Thermoplastic materials are melted by extruders and the reinforcing fibres are efficiently impregnated with melt. The fiber composite material is brought into the desired geometry and continuously pulled off.

DExWin® tapes and profiles are characterized by their high impregnation quality and performance.

By the possibility of combining a wide range of different fibre and matrix materials using melt impregnation process, you can obtain tapes and profiles for your application with outstanding properties.